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[[Realizing that things are going south quickly, Planck runs to the door where he entered the small round room and begins pounding on it with both fists. The door does not yield.]]
Planck: [In a panic] Look, guys, my last diagnostic said I'm fine! W-we don't need to take drastic measures!
Voice 2: [Plainly] He is resisting.
Voice 1: Fascinating, if unexpected. Initiate restraint.
[[We hear the <<TSHF>> sound of the other door opening on the opposite side of the room.]]

[[A beam of energy shoots out of the newly opened door and engulfs Planck, lifting him into the air as if weightless. Planck flails helplessly.]]
Planck: This isn't necessary! R-really! I'm p-perfectly fine! I swear!
Voice 1: He is becoming irrational. Be sure to document this behavior.
Voice 2: All proceedings are being recorded.

[[Our viewpoint shifts to just inside the dark, open doorway. Planck is now suspended in midair and being held horizontal. His arms are pinned to his side as if he were bound. He cranes his neck to look toward the reader, through the open doorway, and into the darkness beyond. A look of terror begins to cross his face.]]
Planck: I-I don't want to be revised! C-can't we skip this? W-we can make it an experiment!
Voice 1: [To Planck] Based on our observations, this "experiment" failed some time ago. [To the other voice] Proceed.

[[Our viewpoint sifts again, this time back to the round room and looking through the open doorway. As Planck is levitated through it, he begins to be swallowed by the foreboding darkness beyond.]]
Planck: [Struggling helplessly and in a panic] NICK! KI! PI! SOMEBODY! HELP!
Voice 1: [To the other voice] Initiate acoustic dampening. It looks like we have a screamer...

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