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[[Bound with chains and floating in a watery prison in his own mind, Nega-Nick is "conversing" with an unknown "voice" that comes from all around him. The "voice" has just nearly drowned him.]]
Nega-Nick: <<cough, cough>>
Voice: Now, are we going to talk civilly, or shall I fill your mental lungs with more imaginary water?

Nega-Nick: What do you want with me, you extraterrestrial tormentor?
Voice: Ah, so some clarity returns. Excellent. And you know what I am, and what has become of you?

Nega-Nick: [glaring] You're an alien... an enemy of the Greys. You... possess the bodies of others... to do your bidding. Even your "weapons" and "space craft" are creatures you have subjugated. And you "took" me... in the hospital...

Voice: Good. You know far more than our usual "servants" do at first. But you've encountered us before, haven't you? Your memories make for an... INTERESTING fiction.
Nega-Nick: [eyes clenched, screaming] GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

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