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Patrick Stewart, aka "Amadeus"


First Appearance: Secret Agent Geek (July 19, 2000)

Although little more than a recorded voice in a fake cantaloupe in his first appearance, "Amadeus" is another mystery character associated with Fooker's secret agent activities. As "James Baud's" superior, "Amadeus" has given our slacker-hacker-turned-spy his orders against both Moldfinger and Doctor Not. Eventually, when Fooker is jailed for the shooting spree of the Fookinator, we learn that "Amadeus" is none other than veteran actor Patrick Stewart, best know to our readers as Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Using his acting career as a cover, Stewart is secretly the head of the most covert organization on Earth, the Undisclosed Government Agency! "Amadeus" and the U.G.A. proved vitally important in defeating C.R.U.D.E. at the Battle of Manhattan (see Surreptitious Machinations, Chapter 8: Wars and Confrontations).