Empress Trudy

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Empress Trudy (Future Trudy)

Empress Trudy

First Appearance: Surreptitious Machinations: Prologue: Rhymes and Ruminations (November 24, 2001)

In the not-to-distant future, Trudy's dreams of world domination come frighteningly true. Our evil little marketing chick has become Empress of the world, which she rules with an iron fist. Using a twisted, circular plot involving time travel and "educating" her past self, she has crushed all beneath her feet, aside from a small rebellion lead by an elderly Professor Wisebottom (future) and his young helpers Todd and Sydney Duncan. But what she does not count upon is the resilience and determination of Todd, who doggedly struggles to see that her conquest of the planet never comes to fruition.

By the end of Surreptitious Machinations, the Empress' cycle has been broken as Nick denounces the current Trudy years earlier than he should have. With the cycle broken, Todd and the Empress' future has been undone, and they begin to fade from existence. But before she ceases to exist, the Empress uses the time machine to apparently escape jaws of oblivion. Whether or not she was successful—and if she continues to exist at all—remains to be seen.

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