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The Fookinator

The Fookinator

First Appearance: Surreptitious Machinations (Chapter 1: Back From the Future) (December 8, 2001)

Status: Destroyed

Empress Trudy employs a mysterious secret weapon to stop Todd from hampering her plans, and that weapon is none other than the Fookinator. A deadly cyborg disguised as our favorite ubergeek, this terrible machine comes in, guns blazing, with Todd, Nick, and Ki in his sights. After a lengthy chase, our heroic trio lead the robotic assassin to the Wilkens Chocolate Factory, where it's subjected to "s'more" punishment than it can handle. It's last known whereabouts: distributed across the Eastern seaboard as pieces of crushed, mangled metal in thousands of Wilkens' S'more Snack Packs.

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